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Celebrating our 20th anniversary with a Vintage tea party !


Sunday 3rd September 

Congratulations to Robert Buckland QC MP for competing in the Nationwide Building Society New Swindon half marathon to raise funds for Dressability. To make a donation please go to....

Sunday 23rd April 

Congratulations and well done Rob on completing the 
London Marathon in 4hrs 45mins!   Thank you so much!

To make a donation click on the below link:

Friday 7th April 

Thank you to Thamesdown Rotary Club for organising a Games 
Show event raising over £2000 for Dressability.

 as we play  our TV Games based onour all time , including: om ANT & DEC’S *****y takeaway


Saturday 7th December 

Thank you to the Swindon Choral Society for Raising funds for Dressability.  The evening was a great success!

Saturday 15th October  

Thank you to the Swindon Male Voice Choir for putting on a very special concert to raise funds for our charity, the evening was a great success.  We would also like to thank everyone who came along and supported us on the evening.


Sara Kunda receiving a sewing machine donated by Dressability to Empower the Gambia.  The tailor is mute but tailoring has allowed him status in the community and to support his family.  He had a very old sewing machine to make all the Empower the Gambia sponsor children's uniforms ( as well as the rest of the school)  but with the better sewing machine he has been able to work much quicker to get the uniforms ready for the children.



Dressability/Asda Walmart Fashion Show 

Children who took part in the fashion show               Staff and friends of Dressability helping out on the day!



Moved to new premises


We were invited to take part in the Wiltshire Community Foundation film to promote social media.,0,0,0,0


Uplands School Project 
Volunteers receiving thank you cards from the children



Sainsbury's Fashion Show

Sainsbury's fashion show


Clothes Sales


Laura's Bike Ride                                                   SEQOL - Homeless Jackets                                

                               Jackets for the homeless


Nationwide Awareness Day 


Firemans Charity Car Wash


Pathfinders Ski-bags                                      Redoaks Road Safety Campaign

Pathfinders ski bags                   

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